Knowledge Base in Psychology


This program development project describes a positive youth development project that is designed to teach adolescents with autism spectrum disorders about puberty, sexuality, and relationships while facilitating positive peer interactions in an environment designed for individuals with autism.

Puberty, Sexuality, and Relationships (1)


Case studies such as those completed in Abnormal Psychology give an understanding of clinical practice in the field of psychology while giving students the opportunity to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations based off of fictional sessions and intake interviews.

Case Study_ Sonny (2)


This final reflection of my experiences in Theories of Personality looks at aspects of my own personality while applying course concepts such as priming, self-discrepancy, and senses of self.

Personality Reflection

Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program

My position as a behavioral technician with Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program I use child-specific treatment and behavior plans to work one-on-one with young clients teaching academic, social, and emotional programs by using theories of operant conditioning with various reward systems, such as jelly beans. [Video used with parental permission]