Group-Lead Discussion

By facilitating a class discussion on stigma and mental illness, my group members and I demonstrated effective oral communication skills in presenting new information to our class mates while also indicating our ability to work effectively in a small-group setting.

Interdisciplinary Research and Application Paper

Written as part of the Senior Capstone in Psychology course, this interdisciplinary research paper is written to convince a potential funding source in Green Bay of the need for an anti-stigma campaign related to schizophrenia. This paper shows my ability to communicate effectively via written communication with diverse audiences for various purposes, such as persuading the Brown County Board to fund an anti-stigma campaign.

Madness Research Paper (2)

Human Sexuality Children’s Book

In this project for Human Sexuality, I displayed my ability to creatively communicate knowledge and understanding of class content by creating a children’s story about important aspects of childhood development and sexuality and conveying this information in a way that is appropriate for a young audience.

Body Book